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Jun 2017
Rufus Pollock
Jun 13 2017 08:23
@pwalsh looking at i'm thinking of changing url to path to reflect the naming for filepath-or-url approach in the main specs so that we can handle cases of using identifiers for files on disk. any thoughts?
Paul Walsh
Jun 13 2017 09:19
yes, agreed.
Robert Gieseke
Jun 13 2017 09:57
Hi, has there anything been discussed to define categorical data in a JSON table schema?
Daniel Fowler
Jun 13 2017 10:30
@rgieseke (beyond enum) here is the current discussion: frictionlessdata/specs#156
Robert Gieseke
Jun 13 2017 11:41
@danfowler Thanks, that was what I was looking for!
Rufus Pollock
Jun 13 2017 15:20
@pwalsh @danfowler could you drop a comment on vega/voyager#338 - i'm a bit busy today/tomorrow to review properly but looks interesting :-)