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Jun 2017
Daniel Fowler
Jun 16 2017 09:18
Great @ivarref Super neat! Did you load straight from the CSV or did you happen to use the datapackage.json file?
Rufus Pollock
Jun 16 2017 11:41

FYI: interesting proposal about how we reference resources inside data packages using urls - frictionlessdata/specs#373 - comments wanted

The goal here is to have a URI that could point to a specific resource inside a datapackage.
We already have a standard way for identifying a datapackage:

This proposal suggests to add a means for referencing the data file contained inside the data package.

Implementation options (not mutually exclusive):

  • Using a JSON pointer notation:
    • gold-prices#/resources/3/data
  • Using the resource name:
    Since resources is an array, you can't reference a resource by its name - unless we start using stronger pointing mechanisms such as XPath (and we shouldn't...)
    • gold-prices#all-data


Jun 16 2017 12:15
@rufuspollock Current specs say is required and must be unique - so why you can't reference its by name?
Jun 16 2017 12:22
I think we're pretty capable to do things like this (second part of @akariv 's idea)
Ivar Refsdal
Jun 16 2017 18:06
@danfowler Thanks. I built everything into a single TSV file (from three sources, BP, population/okfn/wb, gdp/okfn/wb):
The code is not pretty, but here it is: ... Well, well. So it goes.
Wrote that mostly in 2014 it seems. It still worked this year, yay.