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Jul 2017
Victor Shih
Jul 10 2017 18:48
Is in the middle of a package rename?
It references plugins, but all of the repo links 404.
Victor Shih
Jul 10 2017 19:27

and the code is telling me this:

ImportError: Plugin "tableschema.plugins.sql" is not installed. Run "pip install tableschema-sql" to install.

but pip tells me this:

No matching distribution found for tableschema-sql

Rufus Pollock
Jul 10 2017 19:28

@vshih i've recently installed that lib - but @roll is the expert here on this.

@roll any thoughts?

Jul 10 2017 19:41
@vshih I'll check tomorrow morning. But yes it should be this one - frictionlessdata/implementations#11
Victor Shih
Jul 10 2017 19:41
aha, thanks