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Oct 2017
Oct 22 2017 09:48
@Stephen-Gates Based on current datapackage-js state referencing external data packages is relatively simple feature to add (integrity check + dereferencing). Should cost a few hours of work.
But I think we should add a proper Data Package Identifier support first
Stephen Gates
Oct 22 2017 12:03
Thanks @roll but I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that using the data package url, data resource location and the foreign key fields names in the current specification are inadequate to location the data to perform an integrity check? Are you suggesting that a data package identifier would assist with the fact that the data at that location could change? Do you think the use of an identifier would be mandatory or a best practice?
Paul Walsh
Oct 22 2017 13:27
@Stephen-Gates I think that @roll is saying that actually implementing foreign keys / references across data packages is quite simple in the JavaScript Data Package library that we maintain. However, he is reluctant to just go ahead and do so without some others things in place first.