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Nov 2017
Rufus Pollock
Nov 05 2017 08:16

Hi All!


I was wondering what it would take to be involved in the next development of the specifications. In particular for the Tabular Data Package

You've taken the first step! We welcome contributions and new curators of the specifications.

At the moment points and GeoJSON support is there in a basic format, but issues like spatial extent of dataset, spatial reference system and vector geometry type (e.g polygon, point, linestring) need to be added to the schema to make the schema work properly in the geospatial world

We'd really welcome your help here - be it on improving geo in the tabular spec or on the separate WIP geo spec.

Rufus - co-lead curator of the Frictionless Data Specs

@Stephen-Gates first a huge appreciation of your ongoing contributions here -- you are a definitely a candiate for curator :-)

Given @palmerj's question about contributing, I notice that many frictionless data repositories don't have the recommended community files. In a the yet to be accepted PR okfn/licenses#57 I added a code of conduct, contributing, and other community files. Is it appropriate to add these to the repo or are there standard templates to apply to OK repositories?

@Stephen-Gates i'd say generally yes. For all of OKi stuff i'd recommending first suggesting on okfn/chat or the forum. For frictionless if you could do a draft (or pull out your exiting one into a PR and we can review).

Mamadou Diagne
Nov 05 2017 16:09
@Mikanebu @rufuspollock we have an organisation with some data packages, I would like to publish data with the name of the organisation not my username like this thank you
Rufus Pollock
Nov 05 2017 19:43
@genova can you re-ask this in - as that is the primary chat channel for datahub questions :-)