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Dec 2017
Paul Walsh
Dec 05 2017 06:35

Hi @joaquinvanschoren

Yes, the Table Schema spec is used for column types.

Table Schema is used to described Tabular Data Resources ( ), and, Tabular Data Package is used to represent a collection of Tabular Data Resources ( )

In the Python and Javascript implementations, we have an infer method on the Table class:

Which can also be called as a function on any supported data source:

The infer algorithm is simple - I wouldn't rely on inferring types/formats only. The main use case is the get bootstrapped with data quickly, and possibly manually tweak an inferred schema for accuracy.

Rufus Pollock
Dec 05 2017 10:44

@roll @vitorbaptista do you guys have any js code for doing goodtables style display of validation errors and where would one find that in the repos?

@roll Thanks for the links:
E.g. is an app created from this components

@roll @vitorbaptista and does tableschema-js output validation errors in same format as goodtables?

@roll any info here?

/cc @anuveyatsu

Dec 05 2017 10:48
@rufuspollock, Evgeny and Vitor are both off today so will look at this tomorrow morning.
Rufus Pollock
Dec 05 2017 10:48
@jobarratt thanks!