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Jan 2018
Stephen Gates
Jan 04 2018 21:57

I'd like to progress integration between CKAN and Frictionless Data. I've been testing the CKAN Data Packager extension that raised a number of issues that I aggregated into a Minimum Viable Product issue frictionlessdata/ckanext-datapackager#63. I explored things further in this document and discovered a number of connections with CKAN Validator, CKAN Scheming, and prior thoughts on adding schemas to CKAN.

@Starl3n put out a Call for contributions and @dkelsey has offered to help :+1:

I think we can safely start on fixing the conversion of licenses, contributors, and sources properties for a data package.

I would really appreciate some guidance on tackling profile, schemas, dialect and encoding.

It seems that:

  • there should be some CKAN Schema for the Data Package properties that could be applied using CKAN Scheming
  • CKAN Validator is tackling storing Table Schemas in CKAN

Suggestions on how to progress would be greatly appreciated.