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Jan 2018
Oleg Lavrovsky
Jan 15 2018 05:41
@Stephen-Gates indeed the extra perspective on READMEs is helpful, thanks
Robert Gieseke
Jan 15 2018 10:20
Hi, are they any examples/workflows for automatically updated Data Packages around? E.g. a scraper run on, data pushed to Data Package?
Rufus Pollock
Jan 15 2018 10:21
@rgieseke yes, in fact now has alpha support for some degree of automated processing (e.g. importing a csv, removing rows, tidying dates ...) see e.g.
Robert Gieseke
Jan 15 2018 10:27
@rufuspollock Awesome, I'll check that out!
Rufus Pollock
Jan 15 2018 18:06

:newspaper: Update on the Test and Exemplar Data plan ...

A couple of weeks ago i posted about getting together a standard set of test and exemplar data for Frictionless Data: frictionlessdata/implementations#28 (and below)

Update: we've started drafting a README for these repos here and please jump in and add comments or content:

We're also about to get the repo sorted for the test data work ...

Background from frictionlessdata/implementations#28

  1. As a Tutorial writer I want a set of data files and data packages I can use in my tutorials so that i can embed them and point users to them to play with them themselves
  2. As a Developer writing a library I want to have a set of standard test data files and data packages as a reference for my implementation tests
  3. As a new Publisher of data packages i want to see examples that i can copy and use so that I can move quickly and understand what is involved
  4. As a Consumer of data packages I want to see some examples for use

My sense is that the "exemplar" and "test" use cases are somewhat different. 1+3+4 are exemplar and want "nice' data packages". 2 (+1) are more test and are about testing the real range of sitautions and being super simple for testing.

I think we should focus on is the test (lib developer) case to start with.