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Feb 2018
Feb 13 2018 04:52
@roll @rufuspollock I noticed that things seem to be even busier lately, but have you had a chance to consider frictionlessdata/specs#549 (and the seemingly related frictionlessdata/specs#409)? I'm picking our work back up in a month or so and my issues are related to usability concerns with the data providers. Thanks!
Ismael Ors
Feb 13 2018 10:05
Hi guys! I have a quick question, is it possible to use goodtables to validate data from an AWS Redshift table? I know its possible from a csv, if its possible, is it there an example? :smile: thank u guys!
Dan Feder
Feb 13 2018 16:56
Has anyone seen a widget/app for creating table schemas via UI?
I don't see anything like that on the software page... trying to get it to work with something like but i think the schema is too complex
Stephen Gates
Feb 13 2018 19:40
Dan Feder
Feb 13 2018 22:18
Thanks @Stephen-Gates!