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Apr 2018
Christophe Benz
Apr 05 2018 15:51 UTC

Hello! I'm messing around with goodtables-ui, and I'd like to call the web API via goodtables-js. I created a token in interface, and I give it to goodtables.ApiClient, but don't understand the purpose of the apiSourceId. What is this value referring to?

Does this mean that the public web API of goodtables is meant to be used to validate files committed in GitHub repositories ? The files I'd like to validate could be any URL.

Thank you for the good work, everybody!

Perhaps @vitorbaptista and @pwalsh or @roll will know in particular :)
Christophe Benz
Apr 05 2018 16:23 UTC
Hmm, sorry, I just realized that the source represents the association of the CSV file and the tabular JSON schema. What I still don't understand is how to create this source in the backend, and obtain this apiSourceId.