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Apr 2018
Stephen Gates
Apr 06 2018 02:56
We plan to make a start implementing the foreign key to data packages pattern in Data Curator next week. We’ll pick up the comments by @roll on the code to change and reference the external data package using a URL. We don’t intend to implement referencing a data package by name (although I have clarified this aspect of the pattern in this PR. @roll let me know it this is OK. @rufuspollock is there a decision on using datapackage or package for the property name?
Apr 06 2018 07:48
@Stephen-Gates +1
Apr 06 2018 13:25
@cbenz Sorry It's not documented for now. Can you try apiSourceId='9b6b6391-5404-4e7f-bdb8-271c2cb42fbb'. It should be the source for public validation