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Apr 2018
Anuar Ustayev
Apr 20 2018 11:21

Validate your Data Package descriptor online

To help users with creation of Data Packages we have implemented a descriptor validation tool.
Now users can check the Data Package descriptor to be sure they have no errors in it.

This is a blog post. To read full text, please, follow the link above.

Stephen Gates
Apr 20 2018 11:31
@anuveyatsu just validated successfully - I was expecting an error due to Foreign Keys - where do I report issues?
Anuar Ustayev
Apr 20 2018 11:32
Hi @Stephen-Gates all issues can be reported in
Christophe Benz
Apr 20 2018 14:10

@cbenz Sorry It's not documented for now. Can you try apiSourceId='9b6b6391-5404-4e7f-bdb8-271c2cb42fbb'. It should be the source for public validation

It works, thanks!

Dima German
Apr 20 2018 14:20


const {Package} = require('datapackage')
package = await Package.load('')
console.log(package.valid)  // True
console.log(package.errors)  // [ ]

If there really should be an error due to Foreign Keys - we have to do a PR to frictionlessdata/datapackage-js then

Stephen Gates
Apr 20 2018 20:40
@AcckiyGerman, we’ve started on making the change ODIQueensland/data-curator#277 to support the Foreign Keys across Data Packages (hence my test above)