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Apr 2018
Dima German
Apr 23 2018 05:46
@timwis Here is a specification of table-schema and I think you are asking about the web-forms, so tableschema can't help you in your needs.
If you are a programmer, try to use Vue.js framework for your form.
If you are not a programmer - use Google Forms, it can work with conditional questions:
Paul Walsh
Apr 23 2018 05:49
Hi @timwis Table Schema is not the right spec for form generation, but JSON Schema ( ) is. We have used this library in a few projects at Open Knowledge to auto-generate web forms based on a JSON Schema spec:
Tim Wisniewski
Apr 23 2018 10:51
hi @AcckiyGerman and @pwalsh thanks for your responses. I am a programmer, and believe it or not Vue is my favourite frontend framework :) I was using but I didn't like that it has its own schema spec, and felt like I could build a simpler library
jdorn's editor is great. The trouble with json schema though is that it's meant to validate a json object rather than render a web form. As a result, even something as fundamental as "what order should the fields be displayed in" is not built in to json schema. most form renderers that use it (like mozilla's and i'm assuming jdorn's) have a separate property or config for the form rendering, resulting in essentially a second schema :/
Tim Wisniewski
Apr 23 2018 10:57
If there were a good spec that maybe already had tools built for it, we could use it for a form designer (like and a form renderer (like the vue one)