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May 2018
Adam Shepherd
May 03 2018 15:26

@vitorbaptista @rufuspollock that is great news! We just started playing with frictionlessdata and the libraries, and it's been a huge help as we move from a data repository focused around HTML presentations of data to machine-actionable data and information. Our end goal is to use the datapackage-pipelines library as an end-to-end provenance trail from submission to archive.

Here's a sample:

These are dynamically-generated while we strategize on how to fully implement the specs, and there's a lot we need to improve there. For any dataset at BCO-DMO you can get the package by tacking on /datapackage.json to the canonical URL. Also playing with JSON-LD a little bit as a way for us to include our own vocabulary into the package. And started playing around with a package of datapackages for one of our science projects here:

i'll add the use case to the Github issue, and you can find out more about what we plan to do with Frictionlessdata here: