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Jun 2018
Paul Walsh
Jun 03 2018 09:05
@rufuspollock @akariv I just saw . I like the idea. I'm not sure why you don't either (i) build this as sugar on top of tabulator, or (ii) propose some PRs to tabulator. I feel like you will say Tabulator has a complex API, but, it just does a lot of stuff that is not covered by the data flow readme yet, but that ends up being necessary for file and stream handling. Thoughts?
Adam Kariv
Jun 03 2018 13:44
@pwalsh dataflow is intended as a replacement for datapackage-pipelines (sort of). It’s all of the dpp processors, extracted in a way that will enable using them in a regular python script. Later I will change dpp to use dataflow as the underlying processor library, replacing its built in processors.