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Jul 2018
Jul 02 2018 07:42
@_paulofreitas_twitter I think for now there is no standardized way to do so. There were multiple ideas/initiatives to make in-document addressing a standard. But as far as I know it hasn't been finished yet. On other hand, on the implementation level (e.g. Python) we can find a workaround for your specific use case. The tools itself support such kind of addressing e.g. see tabulator -
@michaelamadi I would suggest to sync with @rufuspollock on making your proposal an official pattern (
Rufus Pollock
Jul 02 2018 09:11

@_paulofreitas_twitter the way we've done this in stuff is to either use multiple resources one for each sheet or nest stuff under a given resource - so you sort have a subset of resoruces representing each sheet underneath the main excel sheet.

Re JSON stuff: it is is tabular that approach you suggested is good - otherwise you could just use json schema