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Aug 2018
Moritz E. Beber
Aug 27 2018 09:35
Hello, I'm a bit confused about the relationship between tableschema-py and goodtables since both make use of table schemas and can be used for validation. Is one superseding the other? Are they complementary? Does one build on top of the other? So far I've been using only goodtables in my work. Thank you for any clarification.
Aug 27 2018 10:56
Hi @Midnighter, goodtables is a high-level family of tools and services (including based on the FrcitionlessData specs and implementations. And tableschema is an implementation of the Table Schema spec. So yes, it's a lower level building block for goodtables and they are complementary. For example goodtables uses tableschema to validate data types, constraints etc (data quality errors with type schema). You could take a look on this hierarchy and find other useful information regarding the implementation details here -