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Jun 2017
Frank S. Thomas
Jun 11 2017 06:00
@alexknvl Last time I checked, it worked with -Yliteral-types out of the box: fthomas/refined#202
In your example you probably need a second parameter list for bound, see for similar examples
Frank S. Thomas
Jun 11 2017 06:07
note that the restriction "no singleton type of AnyVals" does not apply to TLS with -Yliteral-types, so you can write origin.type
Zizheng Tai
Jun 11 2017 08:51
@fthomas I've written a custom predicate for email validation, do you want me to submit a PR?
specifically which of Email and ValidEmail do you think would be a better name?
I used ValidName in my own code because then i can use type Email = String Refined ValidEmail