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    Hello all.. In the 30 days to react book, does anyone have the correct css file for chapter four. The css file (https://gist.github.com/auser/2bc34b9abf07f34f602dccd6ca855df1) does not seem to work
    Sujith Sizon
    Hi guys does anyone know where i can find the part2 and code for this tutorial here: https://www.fullstackreact.com/articles/BetterReduxRedux/index.html
    Howdy folks!
    Has anybody made it through the Forms Validation section? Specifically the part about turning inputs into Field components and using the getDerivedStateFromProps() lifecycle method (book v.39, page 202)? If you have, and you made it work, please advise me how...
    Noah Maizels
    @yvonchaka_twitter I like Bulma
    Noah Maizels
    Anyone feel a bit lost on the section about context?
    hello, I'm a newbie in React and I have a question
    Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 9.57.13 PM.png
    in this screenshot, what does window.Seed do? this is on page 29 of the pdf book
    Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 9.57.37 PM.png
    also, in this 2nd screenshot, Seed is used in app.js as well
    is this object or function or component? I'm a bit confused as to what this is. Please help me
    Noah Maizels
    Seems the way the book deals with refs is deprecated https://reactjs.org/docs/refs-and-the-dom.html
    Juan Carlos Calix
    Who can help me with this error

    Uncaught SyntaxError: http://localhost:3000/app-versions/app-v1.js: Unexpected token (44:17)
    42 |
    43 | class MessageInput extends React.Component {

    44 | handleSubmit = () => {
    | ^
    45 | store.dispatch({
    46 | type: 'ADD_MESSAGE',
    47 | message: this.refs.messageInput.value,

    Juan Carlos Calix
    Noah Maizels
    Anyone working through the forms section?
    There is a problem with form #8, the getDerivedStateFromProps should be declared as static
    I'm also just having a really tough time following form #8's code
    Noah Maizels
    The code for form 9 is broken, and adding static to getDerivedStateFromProps does not fix it
    I am trying to setup my first voting_app when I run npm install it gives me error 403 notsupportedbrowser -GET https://github.com/acco/live-server/tarball/master
    Hi all. About the form validation section of the react book (around page 210-220) does anyone know why we need a value state in the Field Component? I read a blog post on the React homepage and it says getDerivedStatesFromProps() should be used very rarely, if not at all. So why do we need a state there when a prop could work just as good?
    Where can I upgrade my book to the latest version? Because mine says Revision 36 - Supports React 16.3.0 (2018-04-02)
    In the first chapter for the voting app, I don’t see any code that imports the actual data from the seed file? Am I missing something?
    Maciej Gulak
    @TazzyG Hi Laurie, did you ever manage to solve your problem regarding "trouble with the components cookbook app, starting on page 169." It seems I have had it for a couple days already and I run out of all ideas... I tried with different node.js versions, node-gyp versions etc. No success.
    Maciej Gulak
    My problem on mac when running $ npm start from components-cookbook/ (book r39):
    Failed to compile. ./node_modules/react-styleguidist/lib/index.js Module build failed: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir '/Users/maciej.gulak/projects/fullstack-react-code/advanced-components/components-cookbook/src/components/theme/node_modules/asn1.md/lib' at Array.map (<anonymous>) at Array.map (<anonymous>)
    Any ideas how to fix it?
    Generally, when I run $ npm run install-allI get lots of node-gyp error regarding fsevents..
    Maciej Gulak

    @gvlax OK, solved. Generally the issue is caused by react-scripts module that requires obsolete fsevents
    (after running $ npm i in the components-cookbook/ you can use a command $ npm ls fsevents to see its dependencies)

    Probably you can just update react-scripts OR do what I did to the components-cookbook/package.json file:
    I added there:

      "resolutions": {
        "fsevents": "1.2.9"

    (more about resolutions...)[https://github.com/rogeriochaves/npm-force-resolutions]

    then from a command line in components-cookbook/:

    $ npm i node-pre-gyp -D
    $ npm ls fsevents
    $ npx npm-force-resolutions
    $ npm ls fsevents
    $ npm start
    How to get the correct focuse for voice over in ios while navigating into new screen using stack navigator in react native ?
    Maciej Gulak
    It seems this place is dead. Everyone must have moved to Vue.js already ... :-/
    Ralph John Brabante
    Hi Guys
    will this book https://www.fullstackreact.com/ help me create API as well that I can use in the app?
    Ritik Dua
    yes @zoharch it really looks like that
    hello can anybody with the r39 revision please share?
    Ralph John Brabante

    I'm not able to follow the Form 101 section and the Redux part I'm not sure how to get the most of it do I need to follow and code or just read it?


    Nate Murray

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    Hello everybody !
    Vlatko Ristovski
    Hey @thanhnguyenhoangthien ;)
    How do I get the code samples for the book
    Parallel-File-Sharing, github link https://github.com/gautam1858/Parallel-File-Sharing, please star if you find it interesting
    Sha Sha
    Hi just one question I am in the voting_app part, I see all the app.js don't use import and it is fine to render
    however when I run the code I got the error app.js:11 Uncaught ReferenceError: ReactDoM is not defined
    class ProductList extends React.Component {
      render() {
        return (
          <div className="ui unstackable items">
            Hello, friend! I am a react Component!
    ReactDoM.render(<ProductList />, document.getElementById("content"));
    can anyone help me with this? thanks!
    Sha Sha
    I got it, my bad
    it should be ReactDOM I type it wrong
    Hello everybody !