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Oct 2015
Oct 22 2015 11:27

Hi anybody know how i can get the tracking number off a shipment???
I can get using the web UPS application using "Tracking or InfoNotice Numbers" input by i don't know
how get this with the gabrielbull/php-ups-api.

Is any body have some information or documentation about the api it was wonderfull for me.
Thanks in advance

Eduard Sukharev
Oct 22 2015 12:43
@rafacuest have a look at Shipping::confirm and Shipping::accept methods
@rafacuest you have to create gabrielbull/ups-api/src/Entity/Shipment and fill in all the required info into it, then pass it inside the condifrm() method (providing gabrielbull/ups-api/src/Entity/ShipmentRequestReceiptSpecification and gabrielbull/ups-api/src/Entity/ShipmentRequestLabelSpecification might be usefull too)
Eduard Sukharev
Oct 22 2015 12:49
that step essentially requests UPS if it is able to process that shipment, if there're any issues, etc. Most validation rules on UPS side are applied at this moment
the result of the confirm() method call will contain shipment digest. after that you have to call accept() method with that digest.
which should return you end result information with tracking number, costs etc.