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    Stephan Flemming
    fast - faster - Stephan :-)
    @erxleben hahaha @stephanflemming thanks!
    Did anyone find a headphones case in the large room on the last day of the co-fest? I think I misplaced mine.. :(
    Sorry @Slugger70 didn't see any
    Winter's day in CPT, taken from CPT airport. Back safe and sound. @jvessio1
    Björn Grüning
    @chrisbarnettster glad to hear it!
    Dave Clements
    Hi All, a couple of reminders:
    1. If you presented a poster, please send it to me, so I can post it to the conference web site
    2. If you presented a talk or a poster, please consider posting it to the F1000Research Galaxy Gateway. This will give your presentation a DOI, and greatly increase its visibility.
    3. We need your feedback on the conference! So far we have only heard from 15% of you!
    Juleen Graham
    Does anyone have a hard/soft copy of the programme from 2019 GCC, particularly the bucket list/scavenger hunt to do list?
    Björn Grüning
    and in this repo is a lot more information
    about all kind of different communications, flyers, logos, stickers
    the issues tracker on that repo has also all kind of information included
    Sergey Golitsynskiy
    speaking of which, just curious, are any of the videos available online?
    for gcc2019 that is
    Juleen Graham
    WHY cant I open the pdf out put of the LIT tool on Galaxy??
    Björn Grüning
    @HBY962464 this might depent on your browser settings.
    You should be able to download the PDF
    and open it in your favorite viewer
    @bgruening When I download the PDF IT shows an empty file. Anyway, thank you .
    Björn Grüning
    then the lit tools has not produced the correct PDF? What is the LIT tool which Galaxy server you are using?
    Björn Grüning
    You should probably get in touch with the people behind that service.
    this one, I followed the guidance and upload the mRNA sequence, then analysed them ,but the tab tree can not be showed, but the newick session can be pasted in mega, and formed a tree.
    I did not find the proper person, which can give me a little help.
    Thank you anyway