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  • Apr 07 09:06
    BoGnY commented #190
  • Mar 30 19:43

    palingheorghe on v0.8.0


  • Mar 30 19:42

    palingheorghe on master

    add declaration file (index.d.t… fix Icon -> IconProps and IconF… add type GalioProvider + withGa… and 18 more (compare)

  • Mar 30 19:42
    palingheorghe closed #241
  • Mar 30 19:42
    palingheorghe opened #241
  • Mar 30 19:37

    palingheorghe on dev

    package update (compare)

  • Mar 29 19:21

    palingheorghe on dev

    fixed warnings and added more p… (compare)

  • Mar 29 13:17

    palingheorghe on dev

    add declaration file (index.d.t… fix Icon -> IconProps and IconF… add type GalioProvider + withGa… and 5 more (compare)

  • Mar 29 13:17
    palingheorghe closed #151
  • Mar 29 11:33
    palingheorghe edited #151
  • Mar 29 11:29

    palingheorghe on dev

    Adding "loadingColor" to Button… Merge pull request #221 from ru… (compare)

  • Mar 29 11:29
    palingheorghe closed #221
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    palingheorghe on dev

    NavBar titleNumberOfLines, titl… Merge pull request #222 from ru… (compare)

  • Mar 29 11:27
    palingheorghe closed #222
  • Mar 29 11:13

    palingheorghe on dev

    remove `ViewPropTypes` as it ha… Merge branch 'dev' into master Merge pull request #239 from M1… (compare)

  • Mar 29 11:13
    palingheorghe closed #239
  • Mar 29 11:13
    palingheorghe synchronize #239
  • Mar 29 11:10
    palingheorghe edited #239
  • Mar 29 11:09

    palingheorghe on dev

    Merge pull request #216 from ga… Merge pull request #219 from ga… v0.7.1 and 3 more (compare)

  • Mar 29 11:09
    palingheorghe closed #240
lior bal
Hi! Is the slider component works for you on android device?
and so the example of using the slider in the website
Ram Maheshwari
Where can I find the list of all the Galio Icons ?
Petru Alin Gheorghe
Hi @RamMahe1110 you can find it here galio-org/galio#85
Hi @usamasaleem we’ll change the documentation so everything could be simpler but im going to write a simple example here: <Icon name=“pin” family=“font-awesome” size={15} color=“black” />
@liorbal_gitlab i don’t really understand the problem.. could you give me more details?
@shubhamkakkar Could you please verify galio-org/galio#87 ?
Shubham kakkar
@palingheorghe I commented in the issue 😅 that I am not working on it !
owais iqbal
Hi Everyone!
I am facing an issue using components from Galio Framework
Element type invalid
hey lads
can someone provide me with an example for the icon being used
I have trouble adding it to my code
Goran Topic
Hello, I'm getting a nasty error when I try to use Card component on my project, " can't fins variable: style" in Card (at theme.index.js:33)
Petru Alin Gheorghe
Hi guys @owaisiqball_twitter @NoSandNoGlory_twitter @GoranTopic ! Please use the issues tab in our github repo so we can track all the changes
hey guys I am having trouble with using galio framework while using the Card component
I can't find style variable
Gustavo Blaze
Someone can tell how can i insert a icon inside a input?
Hello , somebody tell me how can i find the list of galio icons in the docs Please
Petru Alin Gheorghe
Hi @Cornielle ! The list is now on the live docs https://galio.io/docs/#/components/icon
at the bottom of the page you can find the list
@GustavoBlaze i updated the input page as well, hope things are now a bit easier: https://galio.io/docs/#/components/input
Hi @m96dy ! Yes, this is a known issue, I’m going to solve that bug asap

can somebody tell me why this error is happening?
Module parse failed: Unexpected token (11:19)
You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.
| class Toast extends Component {

static propTypes = {
| children: PropTypes.node.isRequired,
| isShow: PropTypes.bool.isRequired,

Henry Cheung
Hi, is galio-framework only workable on expo?
can I use it in
react-native init AwesomeProject?
Srijan Rana
How do I perform an action on pressing a Card Component? onPress doesn't seem to work in Galio's card component
Petru Alin Gheorghe
Hi @henrycheung19 ! Yes you can use it with CRNA. (it works without Expo)
@srijanrana Hi Rana! You’re right! Apparently we don’t have an onPress prop for the Card and we should’ve had one. Right now the best workaround I can think of would be to wrap the Card in a <TouchableOpacity /> component.
@az0325 I’m not sure right now, you need to give us more info regarding the issue
Pouya Miralayi
Hi there! i just met galio and beside it's well crafted components, i think the example layouts are so little in the number for surfing around. the number of examples are only 4. for instance i do not have much diverse options on settings layout or on lists or login or etc... i suggest beside diverse components, exposing diverse layouts would be an awesome and well required feature. cheers!
I cant find how to use <Header> back props
There's no examples I can find
can you help me how i can use flutter because im just a begining devloper
and give me some advices how i can learning ..
Patricio Toledo
viewPass of input is broken? when i touch that button nothing happens
Marco Botello
Im trying to put an image from a JSON call into the Card component with image= {{url:data.item.image_url}} but I get the error "Invalid prop 'source' supplied to 'Image'
has anyone had this problem?
Petru Alin Gheorghe
hey guys we’ll transfer the community on: https://discord.gg/WCrRMr7 so please join us there @/all
Pretty Dev
Hi everybody, How to make Card component receive click event? onPress don't work!
Donavin Northrup
Is this somewhere I can get help with the Card elements CSS, or is there another resource? Struggling with excessive white space.
Syed Raahim Bukhari
Hello everyone!!
how can I use my icon instead of prebuilt icons in galio?
Hello! I keep gettin this issue when importing 'galio-frmaework' : Could not find a declaration file for module 'galio-framework'. Has anyone encountered something similar and knows the fix ?
Anyone up ?