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Oct 2015
Michael Koontz
Oct 23 2015 14:10
@/all sorry to sound like a broken record. I know the main focus right now is G5 but I have 5 sites running Gantry 4 and would like to know how big of a deal this is. I am waiting to upgrade Joomla on the other 3 sites until I find out more. So... any more information on this? :point_up: October 18, 2015 6:28 PM
Oct 23 2015 15:06
we have a ticket for the roknavmenu label issue in our internal bug tracker
Michael Koontz
Oct 23 2015 15:23
Thank you @kat05
So in your opinion, would it be OK/Safe to upgrade the other G4 sites to the latest version of Joomla? or should I wait?
Oct 23 2015 18:10
Hi all! Gantry Twitter team sent me here; apologies if im postinv in the wrong place! I have a weird issue; ive used Gantry on WP very happily for years. Ive updated to latest WP and Gantry, and suddenly widgets in Overrides wont save. No idea why? My site was very reliant on overrides; its really the perfect solution for my content. Since updating, I cant use overrides, as the widgets disappear. Ive even stripped all other plugins away, no change. Default settings unnaffected; if anybody had any clues as to how/why I'd be eternally grateful!!
Andy Miller
Oct 23 2015 19:36
Hola, most of our G4 experts are in European timezones, so you might not get much help tonight i’m afraid.. but hang tight.. i’m sure someone can help you soon
Oct 23 2015 22:11
@rhukster thanks sir! Yes, i should probably have better things to do on a Friday night too... ;)