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Apr 2016
Michael Koontz
Apr 01 2016 04:49
@photodude thank you for that information !
Matias Griese
Apr 01 2016 06:12
well, 95% of the joomla extensions break the best practices
gantry 5 and kunena are among the few which actually followed them
sure there are others, but i doupt that not that many unless they are really simple ones
personally i would tighten the rules even more and just block accessing assets from most of the directories; but that is something which is hard to enforce in joomla as everything already breaks the rules
Walt Sorensen
Apr 01 2016 19:52
I absolutely agree, far too many developers already break the guidelines. For the few components I use, I always request that the developers try to adhere to the coding guidelines. Including the code format guidelines. I'm helping with the development of the PHPCS2 version of the Joomla coding standards joomla/coding-standards#109 with automated fixers, after a year we are getting closer to a beta of that package. Hopefully it will help more developers adhere to the format guidelines.
Matias Griese
Apr 01 2016 20:19
yeah, the only thing for joomla coding guidelines is that its only.. for joomla.. we cannot do that