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Nov 2017
Luke Douglas
Nov 08 2017 04:37

@adadeacon [Joomla] Sorry for the prior partial responses but I was trying to type on my phone and my son's driving wasn't real smooth. :)

What you should do is to perform a SQL search on all of your database tables for "http://". If any are found, that means you have a direct URL going to a http:// address whereas your site is now https://. You should be able to do a SQL replace command to replace all instances of "http://" with "https://". In addition, I would highly recommend that you do a redirect in your HTACCESS file to force everything to a "https://".

When Google made the recommendation in mid-2014 that they were going to take into consideration for their rankings whether a site was secure or not, that was my cue that my clients sites needed to be secure with an SSL certificate. Once I explained to my clients the reasoning and the additional costs, not one objected! Within three months, all of my client sites were secured and I've never looked back.

@mahagr [Joomla] Matias, those who fight progress by clinging to outdated technology will be left in the dust. :)