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May 2018
Matias Griese
May 02 2018 07:09
yeah, that's unfortunately the only way
i hate html overrides, though, as joomla tends to change the templates a bit too much
Michael Koontz
May 02 2018 07:14
@p3-chuck I know Joomla by default always puts the Article Title in H2 tags. If your goal is to change all H2 Tags to H1 when creating articles you can use an extension such as the Aimy H1 Heading extension to accomplish that rather than creating a template override. It will search a page to see if an H1 tag already exists. If it cannot find any H1 tags on a page it picks the first H2 and turns it into an H1.
Charles Wilkins IV
May 02 2018 19:01
Thanks to both of you for the replies. @N8Solutions I try to avoid adding more extensions whenever possible as I don't want conflicts, but I'll keep that one in mind as SEO wants every page to have an H1.
Another quick question. I have a Blog Page that shows all articles from a certain category. I noticed that the Category is added to the end of the Title. Is there a way to disable this? It is causing some titles to exceed the appropriate SEO length. I'd like our users (that enter the articles) to know that if they keep the title within the colored parameters that it will be ok.