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@biltongandpotroast I use mainly Inspire Theme particles, but in one website I also used the map particle of Joomlead. You can't mix the Uikit from Joomlead and IT; they are different version of Uikit and have to be uploaded in different way too. Read IT documentation here and Joomlead here
Also choose the correct CMS installation-Joomla, WP or Grav - and remember to activate the UIkit in the baseline and in the pages you want. Go first to base outline, "Page settings" tab and drag& drop the Uikit (they are called "Uikit for Gantry"in IT and "Uikit3" for Gantry in Joomlead) in the row at the bottom of the tab
Christophe Lance
Hello, the latest version in the JED is still Gantry 5.4.34 J3 only https://extensions.joomla.org/extension/gantry-5/
I had to correct one user because he thought J4 is not supported anymore.
Hi, does anything change with Google Analytics 4? Is it always enough to paste the code into the atom as usual?
Can anyone here help me with the font awesome social buttons? I am trying to get mastadon to work. I would like to be able to use the included library or add an independent one. I cant justify paying for font 6 premium for one icon.
Frank Seesink
astrosurfer: guess my last reply was no help. Sorry abt that.
i found it i had to change which version of fontawesome is being used. I went with font 5
& i had a typo for link.
anyone looking for ongoing Gantry contracts?
David Wickstead
@009Sandman_twitter Been working on Gantry websites both Joomla and WordPress for many years and always happy to work of other Gantry sites
@astrosurfer:matrix.org For FontAwseome I found it best to turn off the Gantry option and add in a new script to the header using the custom content in the Page Settings for Base Outline. Also make sure you add data-search-pseudo-elements to the script.
I need some help to create Breadcrumb with Gantry5 plz
I am getting an error with jqueryUI in lighthouse. I just updated the theme in Wordpress; and lighthouse says using a vulnerable jquery UI library. Looked at the code and it appears to be 1.11.4 and the latest stable is 1.13. Has anyone else seen this? If so, how to update the library as this is a pretty significant security vulnerability.
Hello, I need to take off the Copyright in the Helium Gantry 5 template
I know that i must pay for this
Matias Griese
copyright can be removed by removing the block from the layout
or you can change it to your own
in admin it cannot be removed
@one2many jquery used in wp is the one shipped with wp
1 reply
@mahagr so this is a wordpress issue. Thanks for the help. I saw jqueryUI 1.11.4 in the Gantry Helium code, but sounds like this is a wordpress concern. https://github.com/gantry/gantry5/blob/55a0abb9614c991d02176ac657845a1992b16742/themes/helium/common/js/juitabs.js
Alex Ara├║jo
good night, how to resolve this error on uikit framework : main.js - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'className' of object '#<SVGSVGElement>',
after installing gantry 5.5.13 joomla web shows arror 1062 Duplicate entry '2657-2' for key 'PRIMARY' in a new user registration

Hi! Just updated to J4 and the menus in the sidebars is now horisontal and not vertical anymore. Also, they are not H3 and using the font i set.

Is there a fix for theese things?

Found this thread: gantry/gantry5#2942

Matias Griese
@teldrive that error isn't related to gantry -- it is a templating engine and doesn't touch users at all
@teldrive there's likely issue with database
@Taz-1999 yeah, there seems to be some missing css or bad classes
@mahagr Thanks! I think so too. Right now I don't know what to do: remake my site in another framework, or buy a mega menu extension just to fix this. Tried all free menu components and none work for me. Also looked at all the other frameworks, and they are out of my pricerange. Just to fix this one thing.

Solved my problem with a custom html-module instead and in that some inline styling. Like so:


<li style="line-height: 1em; list-style-type: '- ';">
<h4 style="line-height: 1em; text-transform: uppercase;"><span style="color: #ffffff;"><a href="index.php?Itemid=600" style="color: #ffffff;" onmouseover="this.style.color='red'" onmouseout="this.style.color='white'">Om mig</a></span></h4>


Still, I want to thank each and every-one that works on Gantry and continue to develop it, and the helpers that answers questions regarding this amazing free resource. Thanks! :)
Matias Griese
we will look into fixing it
Impression eStudio
Gantry builds the CSS styles based to extremely many small scss files (e.g. helium, helium-joomla, nucleus, bootstrap). Is there a way to disable the most of them (e.g. typography) and keep only the important ones (e.g. grid sizes)? I don't speak about override. I can do that using the custom.scss file or overriding the whole directories like helium, helium-joomla and nucleus in the custom folder of the template. My main aim is to reduce the default CSS code that is needless and adds loading delay after I have added my custom CSS code. Joomla 4 goes to a trend of keeping only the necessary for performance and I would like to achieve that with Gantry. Thanks.
Matias Griese
yes, you can override all scss files just by copying them to custom
just keep the same structure
they are also controlled in gantry/theme.yaml, you can add or remove files from there (in the next version custom/ works also for that file)
I'm setting small mobile sizes but can't get anything working under mobile 480px width ie 320 for old iphone SE? so using: @media screen and (max-width: 480px) { alo tried @media screen and (min-width: 320px) { but only seeing 480px width in firebug?
3 replies
Impression eStudio
I copied the folder "media/gantry5/engines/nucleus/css" to "templates/g5_helium/custom/engine/scss" and the changes I do in the second folder do not appear. Do I miss something?
Specifically the file "templates/g5_helium/custom/engine/scss/nucleus/_typography.scss".
Matias Griese
oh, the main file from gantry
i think you can leave engine out
Hi. I need to program a plugin that calls a special gantry template style under certain conditions. The plugin is almost ready. If I configure native joomla template like Beez3 or Protostar as the target template, switching the template works perfectly. But when I call a Gantry5 template, it doesn't work. How must the call be made in this plugin?
Joomla\Registry\Registry Object
[data:protected] => stdClass Object
[configuration] => 25
[preset] => mdsk-icf-default
When I call the template parameters for my target template, I already see the correct ID. But how does that continue? This code dont work with Gantry-Templates: $this->app->setTemplate($fallback_template_name, $fallback_template_params);
Gantry Framework is almost flawless. I congratulate and express my gratitude to each and every person who contributed to this project. I'm looking for a way to use Gantry Framework in an html5 page for page styling . Not for Wordpress or Joomla. I welcome your comments and suggestions about this idea.
My plugin help request is done. The plugin is ready.
HI, I just update WP to WP 6 and then updated Gantry plugin as well, and now site has gone blank
anyone else had this experience
Ricky Green
Hello, anyone around?
Hi, Where to fix the header with futuristic. on your own?