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I also have the issue with leaving original mazda UI randomly for calls. The other issue I'm seeing is backwards navigation in google maps with the mazda sd card installed. is this a known issue?
Any one getting http error?
Problem solved, i just had to re-plug in the cable
Gabriel Lawrence
Anyone have any luck with night mode? I added the developer settings, but changing it from phone controlled to car controlled doesn't work for either.
Penny Wood
Let's hope someone enterprising will get it working, but it's only been out two days!
Would be a convincing reason to upgrade to a google phone if it was working
Hey all - Just a quickie question. I just put the latest build (9 beta) on my system, and whereas before (I think I was on 6 or 7) my GPS wasn't reversed, now it is. Any fix other than flashing back the version?
not updated my cx5 AA in a long time(im on ~.93). Is upgrading fine or should I uninstall and install with latest? I remember something about bricking the headunit back then with upgrading/uninstalling.
Davide Bortolami
Hi guys
What apps are compatible with the speedo icon on the right?
I've read torque pro but it appears the plugin is no longer available on play store
Krunal Patel
my Android Auto shows me on the opposite side of the road, any solution to that ??
Krunal Patel
@retaker did you get solution for map being backwards ??
James Spinella
@scr3wykru4ya_twitter I believe there is a fix, it's one of the tweak options in the Mazda AIO installer app.
@scr3wykru4ya_twitter install again and check the disable car gps check box
is aio tweaks compatible with the new mazda 6 2018?
Piotr Gabryjeluk
does anyone know if it's possible to have NAV button launch AA? I mean the built-in navigation is pretty useless, not to say anything about the Compass app
would be super cool to be able to quickly switch back to AA by just clicking one button :-)
Gabriel Lawrence
@gabrys I think the fave button will bring AA back in focus of it is already running.
TH Tay
i bought a Madza CX5 2018, my OS number is V59.000.504, can i use Mazda AIO installer version 2.8? i have created the USB drive with the AIO setting, however, when i plug in Madza USB, nothing pop up in the screen, it looks like the installer not working, can any help
@GabrielLawrence_twitter I Checked, it does not. Maybe im using the old version. Im on AA 1.8 or 1.9.
Hi everyone, I saw in AIO tool that Wifi Option is available. Last time i tried it (installed it manually) it was very laggy, unsable. Is it still the same?
One more thing, I read that Mazdas will start coming with Apple Car Play from September in NA. Anyone knows if there is a possibility to flash it on our CMU? Anyone already knows of that hack? I have a music app, and I test the AA functionality, and its all great. Hence wanted to invest to make my app Cap Play compatible, and to test it in the same car.
Looking forward your feedback
Juan Pedro Martin
Hello everyone, The workshop updated my Mazda CMU to 70.00.021 EU N(version compatible with official AA and Carplay) from v56 (without any hardware upgrade). I loose USB and SSH access but I have recovered with serial method. I have installed AA 1.0.9 (and other AIO mods like spedometer that works fine) but the screen becomes black when AA starts with USB cable or wifi. The phone shows AA is connected. I had no problems when my firmware was v56. Other users have reported the same issue with this version of FW. If any developer wants me to make any test contact me in Telegram @JuanPedroM (https://t.me/JuanPedroM) or my email jupemaar@gmail.com. Thanks
Hi everyone, What's the differnece with Android Auto v.1.9 and v.1.10?
@dmakhkamov 1.10 supposedly added in HUD Turn by Turn directions but it was not added correctly so it does not do anything right now
I would recommend 1.09 until next version comes out
I remember I saw that somewhere. where can I find that change log? any idea when the HUD is going to be fixed?
also, did anyone tried the wifi connection? is it still super slow?
@dmakhkamov The original reason cited for CarPlay being incompatible was that CarPlay relies on hardware support, whereas Android Auto relies on software support. As the official upgrade process through a dealership involves replacing the USB hub, I have doubts that there's any way to add CarPlay compatibility without replacing the USB hub with an Apple-certified unit.
Carles Garriga Estradé
@Abolfazl I think I got disabled because It still was buggy.
@Charlyo So it turns out that turn by turn actually does work for people having a certain type of HUD (not the newer ones)
Carles Garriga Estradé
@Abolfazl I'll try it out but I think I saw this feature disabled of the changelog.
Aviel Jacob
Hey there got version 59, how can I connect it wirelessly ? tried with hotspot/dev option didnt work, anything else needs to be done ? one plus 6 with oreo
Stephen Kraushaar
Hey folks, anyone ever powered the CMU outside the vehicle to work on? Im curious about the voltage and pins
Note that I've already disassembled the
Juan Man
Hello, im still on AA 1.09 wired... but notice several audio interrupts when listening Spotify and using Waze... do you know if there is any workaround for this issue (i almos have no other tweaks installed) . Thanks!
I also noticed that that split second glitches in music when google maps is rendering some animations/transitions on the map.
Also, I've noticed the HUD Navigation without any upgrade to the head-unit. Did it start working because of the AA mobile-phone upgrade?
Finally, i remember the first versions of the WIFI Android Auto was very slow and barely responsive. Is it better now? Can it compete with wired connection speed?
Martin Nguyen
Anyone with a Pixel on Android Pie able to get the Wireless working?
I installed the Android Auto and I get the error (attached picture).
What should I do?
Thank you,
Has anyone used this on a toyota? I've heard Toyota's are based on the same version of linux.
@shayxnn check your cable connections
Hi folks, Recently i started noticing an issue, that whenever I start playing music or start navigating, i see frequent but rather random disconnects. AA is unusable. what have changed in this period: a) google maps updated. b) phone updated to android 10.
Anyone else having similar issues?
Alex Sylka
@dmakhkamov I have same issue android auto v1.11. Usually, it disconnects during long driving about 1-2 hours. Also I have noticed disconnects when sound source automatically changed to radio
It's not possible to connect it back without head unit restart
Yes, I have the same trouble now. I find it can play audio fine, and usually navigate fine with random disconnects, but if I navigate and play audio it disconnects constantly. Changed USB cords, and even changed phones to a new Pixel 3. I can't figure out what the issue is.
Same here. Frequent but random. Most of the time it will reconnect automatically until it won't and then I have to restart things.