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Repo info
    I just created a new issue on github
    my keys have vanished from the app
    Have backed up the whole application support folder but they're still not visible
    I'm using OS X
    Can anybody shed some light on what may be wrong?
    Gerard Braad

    Hi, this is very unfortunate. Would you next time also be able to link to the reported issue? The information you provide is at the moment too little to provide support.

    Although I can guess what is wrong; you have made a backup of the extension folder and not of the browser folder. The information of this extension is stored in the browsers' localstorage database. Due to some unfortunate events, the browser can decide to clear its cache and cookie storage and you would loose your data.

    Please describe the steps that led to the lose of data and perhaps even report this to the browser vendor.

    For this reason, the application has an export function in 'Settings'. Always keep a physical copy of your secrets in a safe place. I am sorry, but I can not help you any further.

    If you want to provide further details, please report them on the issue you have filed. I'll leave it open for now to assess which application had a failure; gauth or the browser.