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Repo info
Do you think you guys could add a landing page to https://gchq.github.io that you could click through to different projects? I often find myself there when i let my omnibox in my browser autofill to cyberchef :laughing:
There has been a plan in the works for a while to do something like this. I'm not sure where it has got to as I'm not involved in it
any one is expert with rsa can help me pleas
i have a rsa cipher text need to decrypt it
and this hash
Could you add this concept? Seems interesting. https://neatnik.net/steganographr/#results
Mohammed Waheed
Hello All, I am using Aes Gcm in CyberChef ,To encrypt "Get cipher data and Tag", But I cannot figure out where to add the associated data. Kindly give a hint if you can
Any reason why we haven't had any merges in a couple months @n1474335?
I would guess COVID...
oh yeah of course 😅
Hi, is it possible run multiple Extract X ingredients on data and have all the results in the output? E.g.: Extract Domains, Extract IP Addresses, Extract URLs.
https://twitter.com/kanata201612/status/1296787561948434432 Looks like a japanese security professional is bringing out a book/pamphlet on using cyberchef!
Is anyone aware if CyberChef can support 6-bit binary encodings? It seems even the 'From Binary' function only works for 8-bit values, so I've made a feature request. gchq/CyberChef#1091
Hi any
Hello, I don't have much experience with encryption but this one seems quite hard to decrypt because I can't even get a reference of the real hash types used.... ++UIVczSLksSfPnrax4tTA==
any help?
some more samples here: https://dpaste.org/sYTQ
It seems to be base64 but im not sure about the other things... Some tips?
Someone can gimme an hand decoding a base64 binary blob?
Hello :) I just used cybetchef to extract a .bin archive file. And i got about 1000 .zip files as output (extracted_at_0x0.zip, extracted_at_0x281.zip, ext.... ). They are all of different total size, so I assume those are different archive versions/backups. When I try to unzip the first .zip file (extracted_at_0x0.zip), I get 1000 files with .dat extention (0.dat, 1.dat,...999.dat), but some of the number file names are not int and have special char in them like $. Not sure that is some sort of currpotion?. So Opening the first file 0.dat gives me an error of "unexpected end". And trying to open any of the other ones yields an error "cannot open file as archive". So, the 1st zip contain 1000 of .dat files, and there are 1000 .zip each with 1000 .dat files in them. is there a way to combine/extract those together to form the original file, so it can be unzipped and files accesses ? thanks!!
Burhanuddin Sunelwala
I am facing issue in arabic AES conversion
can anyone help?
@burhanuddin353 If I had to make a guess the AES Encrypt/Decrypt functions are handling the input output wrong. My guess is it should be treating raw as UTF8 but as raw is not an option type for the Utils.convertToByteString function it handles it the same as latin1 so it doesn't get the utf8.encode. Until it gets fixed you could work around it by only doing latin1 characters via encoding and decoding to a latin1 format like base64 or hex. Looks like there are more issues around the aes encoding too but haven't fleshed it out completely.
I don't know if this tool is still being updated but can protos be added? ProtoLite/2/3 would be an awesome addition to this tool
Diego Fleitas
This thing is amazing
nice job people, I'm just playing with it now but I think it will become another tool of mine
btw I noted the Analize Hash can't detect bycript I wonder why
I could use some assistance I'm trying to get the original input from this output NTQgNjggNjkgNzMgMjAgNjkgNzMgMjAgNzQgNjggNjUgMjAgNzMgNjUgNjMgNzIgNjUgNzQgMjAgNzMgNjUgNmUgNzQgNjUgNmUgNjMgNjU= using this recipe
George Iliev
Hey there peeps:
Is it possible to produce a steganography result in cyberchef as in OutGuess ?