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How would one submit a feature request? It's be awesome if CyberChef could do ole manipulation
Hello :) I have more of a general question (I hope it's OK to ask this here) it's a simple one. I am learning about cryptography and I am just looking to perform a really basic encryption/decryption with cyberchef using DES3. I want to take a string "The elephant was pink" and encrypt it. Then share that encyption with some friends and challenge them to decrypt it :) I am getting "invalid key length" errors.
1 reply
(Or if anyone could recommend a good resource to learn more about this, I am really grateful!)
Betty Anzac
leet talk would be a nice thing to have https://techterms.com/definition/leet
s0m3 t41k l1k3 th4t
Is there a way to "add" text to the input?
I mean "concat" or this kind of things
Not so much of a bug but the DNS over HTTPS recipe only accepts 1 host input - would be superhandy if it could accept a list instead?
ahh, just scrolled up and found mention of the fork recipe - that before DNS over HTTPS recipe = win ! Thanks for mentioning fork @bwhitn :)
hi , how to use cyberchief with XOR recipe ?
how to decrypt FromHex + XOR ?
need to put key in XOR section but how to define it to extract it from my encrypted key ?
Curtis Arnold
I just installed it, can someone tell me how the hell to start it?
The Doctor
Just load it in your web browser. It's HTML and a lot of Javascript, so your browser just has to load the page.
One thing that shouldn't be an issue any more but may be important to note security wise is CyberChef uses "ua-parser-js": "^0.7.28". It is possible that someone could have been affected by the malicious code that was put in version "0.7.29" https://my.diffend.io/npm/ua-parser-js/0.7.28/0.7.29#d2h-511722
Hi, new to Cyberchef and did a search in Github but couldn't find any guide. Can we do "mass input" from a CSV/Excel file? Would like to input a series of data in Column A and hash it with MD5 in Column B for example.
So fork/merge would probably be the key ones you are looking for. Fork is similar to a for each with a separator which is a line break by default
@bwhitn Thank you very much! I think this is exactly what I need
I will just copy/paste the data instead of being fancy and using File Input
Rune Tynan
Are there any options for decoding floats or integers from an input stream? I'd love to be able to convert hex into a series of values from little/big endian
I think gchq/CyberChef#474 (provide a Dockerfile for easier development & prod deployments) needs to be re-opened. I couldn't find any other issue for containerization.
The Doctor
It's just a web page with a bunch of Javascript. Why dockerize it?
Is this project dead? There was no commit since 4 month and there are 99 pull-requests open!
It would be sad, because I really like this tool and also added some new "operations" (see my open pull-requests => https://github.com/gchq/CyberChef/pulls/cplussharp)
@cplussharp I don’t think so but wouldn’t swear to it. They have times where they go silent for several months.
hey on the generate TOTP when I have nothing in the code length it's output is [object Object]
I assume this is something gone wrong with the javascript
oh wow first message here of the year
anyways that's all
Need help decoding a message
Kaustubh BM
Hey, I had sent in a pull request a while back and I noticed it was just lost in the pull requests so I was just wondering if there's anything else I'm required to do or if the maintainers are busy (which I totally understand).
Cheers :)
Hey all. Anyone know how I can take some json from an input, modify it, encode it and then nest it in a second json and so on? Say I have parent and child I want to modify child, encode it then replace the old version of it in parent and then encode that
hey guys
Im getting Error: Unknown type 0x4
For protobuf decode
what's wrong
what's the input format
Niels Basjes
I was playing with CyberChef and I was not able to find basic things like en/decoding binary integers, floats doubles, etc.
You can convert "binary" into text but not into numbers
Is that deliberate?
3 replies
Thomas Leplus
Hi people, I have a question regarding a PR (#1250) that I pushed 9 month ago. I was hoping to use this toy cipher in a crypto CTF that I am working on and I'd love for participants to discover and use CyberChef by the same opportunity (instead of running my own fork). But I'd also understand if this PR is rejected. It's just that in the absence of any activity on the PR, I don't know if that's by lack of interest/time or because of a technicality like a missing label or something. Any advice from past contributors?
Hi, does anyone know why I keep getting "no matches found: "recipe":[op:Find / Replace]} when I run this against a local cyberchef-server?
curl -X POST -H “Content-Type:application/json” -d ‘{“input”:"beek", “recipe”:[{"op":"Find / Replace","args":[{"option":"Simple string","string":"[.]"},".",true,false,true,false]}]}’ localhost:3000/bake
1 reply
a coworker and I were talking about chef and the debate came up about if incorporating support for Liquid (https://github.com/Shopify/liquid) would be a viable option. I know there's formatting options within cyberchef already but theres quite a bit more functionality. Thoughts?
Asterism A
Annie Hawkes
Can someone help me extract a hidden message/file/clue from an image? I am trying the Extract LSB recipe option but am unsure what to set each value to
Hello, is there a way to declare variables and loading them into the flow?
I currently use this hacky solution Link to recipeRegister('(%5B%5C%5Cs%5C%5CS%5D)',true,false,false)Pseudo-Random_Number_Generator(32,'Hex')Comment('Saves%20random%20number%20as%20$R1')Register('(%5B%5C%5Cs%5C%5CS%5D)',true,false,false)Comment('Loads%20$R0%20(Input)')Find_/_Replace(%7B'option':'Regex','string':'.%2B'%7D,'$R0',true,false,true,false)Comment('Xors%20the%20Input%20with%20Random%20Number%20$R1')XOR(%7B'option':'Hex','string':'$R1'%7D,'Standard',false)&input=SXMgdGhlcmUgYW4gbW9yZSBlbGVnYW50IHdheT8)
Hey! - Is anyone still active here?
The Doctor
Still hanging around. Why?
It seems that I am too stupid to find an easy way to remove empty lines. The 'whitespace' receipt doesn't do the trick. I've got it solved by 'find / replace' with regex and ^(?:[\t ]*(?:\r?\n|\r))+. Does anyone have an alternative that might be a little bit easier to remember?
Arnab Sen (alt: arnabsen1729)

Is there a way to group chars like

"abcdefgh" -> "ab" "cd" "ef" "gh" (group by 2)
"abcdefgh" -> "abc" "def" "gh" (group by 3)
"abcdefgh" -> "abcd" "efgh" (group by 4)