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May 2016
Hossein Rabizadeh
May 23 2016 09:45
Hi guys
I have question about using mezzanine-api on my project
I add the mezzanine api to my project but all the webservices that created was about the general model of mezzanine
I have a custom model on project and it is important for me that I have webservice for this custom model
my question is : it
Mezzanine api support just mezzanine models(page, categories , ..) or I can create the webserver for my custom model?
May 23 2016 21:44
Mezzanine API is a RESTful API for Mezzanine CMS
If you have added or changed the Mezzanine CMS models and wish to access those resources through the API, you will also need to modify the API for your specific purpose: