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Feb 2015
David DeGroate
Feb 26 2015 01:02
@lockerfish Thanks for the advice! Although the instructor notes specifically say "Please do not have db.close statements in your content provider," the tests will fail unless I call db.close() in those methods.
Ivan Fernandes
Feb 26 2015 05:32
@nitya @lockerfish I tried it but still buggy. I do not know if it changed the behavior is some specific case but overall still behaving the same with the new flag. I tried to check the share_history.xml but I don't know how to do it. If i'm right the file is created on the private app storage space and I can't read it from adb shell or the device monitor. How do I look at the file? Do I need to open it on the app and log the contents? if that's the case I need to know the app data folder structure and where the file is located.