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Repo info
    John Shea
    @nitya I see you merged my pull request for lesson-6 but the book didn't rebuild. Services and Notifications is missing the changes.
    Nitya Narasimhan
    @john ..really. I'll force an update. You should have direct commit access too right?
    John Shea
    @nitya I think i do but wanted practice on using pull requests - thats why i do it that way
    Nitya Narasimhan
    @john aha.. No worries then. I'll push an update first thing tomorrow and it should trigger a rebuild.
    John Shea
    @nitya thanks...it is just weird...you merged in 3 of my pull requests back to back...it was just the last one that didn't trigger a rebuild
    Nitya Narasimhan
    @johnshea yes that was weird. Forced a rebuild (and also put a note — looks like the Sunshine-Version-2 github repo disappeared so for now will leave it with 1.0 links)
    Ivan Fernandes
    Hi @nitya, as promised I have a question:
    The app up until lesson 5, fetch weather data from the server whenever the refresh button is pressed. It fetches the data and stores it. I don't see anywhere in the code they deleting this data, just storing. If I press the refresh button more than once in an interval small enough that the data from the server is the same in all those refreshes, the database will get some "duplicate" rows. On the Loader query we set the sortOrder to sort the data by the date, so in my view it should show some duplicate data as response right? for example if I have 3 identical forecasts for tomorrow among the data in the database, when I query sorting by date I should get all this data together. But that does not happen. So my question is why i'm not getting duplicate data on the forecast list?
    Yash Thakur
    hey anyone has idea on getting context in a non activity class
    without passing parameters everytime while calling a function
    Hendrix Tavarez
    @yashthakur1 it depends on the the type of stuff you need to preserve in your context. The way I typically think about it is if it is stuff related to the lifecycle of an activity then use Activity Context otherwise use Application Context. Application context is there for the lifetime of the app. So, it survives activity lifecycle probably that's what you need. As a side note, don't keep presumably memory leaky stuff.
    in your Application Context.. keep it lightweight.
    how to create a navigation drawer in empty activity
    Hi ,
    I'm working on Bluetooth low energy,
    I need a help on this
    Suman Ghimire
    how to work with media player using service
    Yash Thakur
    anybody has a genymotion alternative
    @yashthakur1 you want emulator?
    hey i am new android
    plz help i want if i want buil a call recording is kotlin is sufficient
    is this android exclusive or monaca/cordova android
    Saurabh Srivastava
    I have made contribution still I am unable to join organisation
    please someone invite me
    I have to join organisation
    sheena isawsum
    I have a question. How do i hard reset my lg k7 metropcs phone?
    i am starting a startup any one want to join for android developers