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Repo info
Abdellah Ramadan
Okay I am trying right now
Said Tahsin Dane
Just released an alpha version of the app with latest changes.
Said Tahsin Dane
Hey everybody, sorry for the latest possible email spam. I'm preparing another release. I did couple bug fixes and refactored also some core stuff. If anyone can help me testing the release candidate, it would be awesome.
Michael Prentice
Great, thanks! I installed it, will take a look. Any specific test focus area?
Said Tahsin Dane
I just sent another update. :)
Google Sign In is completely re-written. First update should not log you out.
I did lots of crash fixes but while doing that I refactored stuff that was bugging me for a long time. So I guess you can try to make the app crash by changing pages fast, rotating etc.
Michael Prentice
Thanks! Will try it out
Said Tahsin Dane
Released the same build to public beta.
You can join via https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.gdg.frisbee.android
Michael Prentice
Working well for me so far! Thanks
Said Tahsin Dane
Looks like it. Releasing it now.
Published to 20% of the users.
Abdellah Ramadan
Greetings all, please it is possible to have the G+ post api?
I want to make a small app for the community and I need this api
Michael Prentice
hello @giantthinker ! There is no G+ write/POST API. Google does not support it. It’s read only for G+.
S Ramakrishnan
hey guys! anyone familiar with computer graphics and three.js
Michael Prentice
@sramakrishnan247 this probably isn’t the right channel for that kind of question. You could try to G+ community for more generic, web-focused questions.
Seventh Moon
Currently, the project minSdk is 16, which is released in 2012. Shall we pop to newer version, so some new feature (e.g. Transparent WebP) could be supported?
Fung LAM
oh.. should use github account, that is me
Luis Pujols
Hey Guys, Looking forward to contribute :+1:
Paresh Mayani
@Pujolsluis looking forward for your contribution :) thanks for considering
Michael Prentice
Hello @Pujolsluis!
Said Tahsin Dane
Hi Fung, we could do that but I don't see any reason. Nothing is holding us back. WebP could potentially decrease the apk size but our size is not that big either.
Fung LAM
I understood. And I do not know how much of us are on J / K. WebP is one feature. Bluetooth LE is another one we may found useful. (broadcasting our profile url using eddystone protocol may be)
(although we can do a condition check first)
Saksham Jain
Hello Devs, I am looking forward to built some side project applications in Python/Django and Android stack. Is anyone interested to join?
Hello Devs, Just curious to get things for the support of ffi (foreign function interface) in Android using .so files. Not sure if this is the right forum to shoot out . But I'm not able to get any other community that can answer over this point. Is it possible to read an so file using jnr ? Anyone tried this before?
Punita Ojha
This message was deleted
Aminu Ibrahim Abubakar
Hi there!
Sooraj S
Hello there all.. I have one doubt...About the google assistant. Any details or documentation on how google assistant is able to control the phone system settings like turning on bluetooth etc ? Like i want to know how it works. I know its integrated with the launcher to able to get the full permission and all. But how is the instruction passed into the os ? Can we also make some app that can do this ?
Mark Jayson Toledo
Hi All,
Renato Marinho
This message was deleted
Renato Marinho
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Subhojit Som
Hello everyone
Dimpy Ahlawat
Hello everyone
Hello Everyone
Hello guys
Diana Ysabel
Preeti Sharma
This message was deleted
Nicola Corti
This looks like spam :/
Rahmad Subekti
hi, this is my first time to join this group. I wanna learn android programming.
陳樂晴 CHAN LOK CHING wfla160001@wfl.edu.hk