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Jan 2016
Michael Prentice
Jan 20 2016 02:28
Alex and I discussed a re-write a bit in the last hangout. I don’t think that either of us are interested in doing that.
We would want to discuss the approach you are taking and the technologies if you plan on doing a re-write before you started working.
We should decide which features we need going forward and which should be dropped, etc.
Michael Prentice
Jan 20 2016 02:34
I’d like to setup a hangout to discuss this, but things have been too busy here to do that yet. I probably won’t have time for a couple more weeks.
Additionally, if we were to do a re-write, I think we would want it to use the Meetup API in addition to the DevSite and design it to be easy to remove the DevSite support in the future.
Alex Van Boxel
Jan 20 2016 07:04
@Splaktar : let's really schedule a hangout. About the rewrite... there are some may commits that it's impossible to review those requests. It would get me up to speed, to see where I can help.
Michael Prentice
Jan 20 2016 13:12
I can try to set up a hangout on Saturday if you both can make it
Said Tahsin Dane
Jan 20 2016 20:06
What does have in it right now?
@salimkayabasi are you planning to keep the web interface?
I can join the hangout just to listen and be updated.