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Repo info
    Roman Chistokhodov
    Does deleting array of structs call their destructors?

    I have windows 10 64 bit and i try and try to install dlib for python with this command:
    python setup.py install
    but i get error below:
    running install
    running bdist_egg
    running build
    Detected Python architecture: 32bit
    Detected platform: win32
    Removing build directory C:\Users\Avatar\Desktop\dlib-master./tools/python/build
    Configuring cmake ...
    -- Building for: Visual Studio 12 2013
    -- The C compiler identification is MSVC 18.0.21005.1
    -- The CXX compiler identification is MSVC 18.0.21005.1
    -- Check for working C compiler: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0/VC/bin/cl.exe
    -- Check for working C compiler: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0/VC/bin/cl.exe -- works
    -- Detecting C compiler ABI info
    -- Detecting C compiler ABI info - done
    -- Check for working CXX compiler: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0/VC/bin/cl.exe
    -- Check for working CXX compiler: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0/VC/bin/cl.exe -- works
    -- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info
    -- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done
    -- Detecting CXX compile features
    -- Detecting CXX compile features - done
    -- Could NOT find Boost
    -- Found PythonLibs: C:/Python27/libs/python27.lib (found suitable version "2.7.9+", minimum required is "2.6")
    error: cmake configuration failed!

    i install cmake GUI and dont know haow can i set it.
    and i build from source with cmake command like in readme file:
    mkdir build; cd build; cmake .. ; cmake --build .

    at the end i say that, i want use dlib on python .
    does anyone can help me???

    Thanks a lot....

    Eugene Wissner
    can it be that you mean wrong dlib?
    Dlib here is Dlib for D language
    I'm so sorry about it...
    Eugene Wissner
    no problem )
    but i appreciate if anybody can help me, thanks.
    Timur Gafarov
    @MyLittleRobo Indeed appendLeft works incorrectly. I'll fix it. Deleting array of structs doesn't call destructors, nor does it for classes. You should delete each element manually.
    Timur Gafarov
    @semsimsom Sorry, can't help you. This chat has nothing to do with dlib for C++ or Python, this is a totally different project.
    Eugene Wissner
    Тимур, пока я исправлял ошибки для Windows я решил попробовать имплементировать заодно Microsoft's IO Completion Port (event loop для Винды) и сейчас у меня даже стало что-то вырисовываться.
    Я пока что ничего не комитю, потому что не уверен в структуре и постоянно что-то меняется. Поэтому, когда уже будет более менее полная картинка, тогда закомитю. Там придут event Loop для Windows, BSD сокеты и Windows Overlapped сокеты. Достаточно много нового.
    Но еще надо немного поработать, так что мой тикет пока побудет открытым, но я по-тихоньку приближаюсь к концу
    Andrey Penechko
    How do you guys serialize vectors, so that they have no duplicated members? If I use getMembers trait for (de)serialization, then I get all the possible members of union, while I want only arrayof. One solution will be to add some UDA to not serialize other members
    Patrick Barker
    Hey does anyone know how to modify the top coordinate of a dlib rectangle?
    hello everyonr !
    Mathieu Roux
    Hello everyone : quick question, i moved from using Gl3n to dlib.math. I find a design choice rather puzzling. In math, (explained here for example : https://mathinsight.org/matrix_vector_multiplication), colum-vector x matrix multiplication is defined as : matrix vector, but in dlib it is defined as vector matrix. This is normal for a row vector but not a colum vector ( as stated in the comments in matrix.d line 365).
    Timur Gafarov
    This is very old design issue which I decided not to fix, because that would break too much existing code.
    Actually I think its okay since dlib has only one type of vector-matrix multiplication, contrary to GLSL for example.
    Timur Gafarov
    I also still find 'vector x matrix' notation more convenient for affine transformations, though understand that it's not common.

    Expressions are just easier to read:

    Vector3f v = (myPosition * myMatrix1) * myMatrix2;


    Vector3f v = myMatrix2 * (myMatrix1 * myPosition);

    In first case matrices are written in order in which they are applied, and the common 'inverse' approach looks a bit unintuitive to me.
    Mathieu Roux
    Matrix multiplication is associative, therefore :
    'Vector3f v = myMatrix2 (myMatrix1 myPosition)' is equivalent to 'Vector3f v = myMatrix2 myMatrix1 myPosition'
    Anyway, i will comply to this design decision :smile: and thanks for the info.
    Mathieu Roux
    Another design choice i found weird ( caused my application to act weirdly without crashing ). So in gl3n or glsl, we can do :
    vec3 v = vec3(1) and it is equivalent to vec3 v = vec3(1, 1, 1)
    In dlib, this doesn't work, vec3 v = vec3(1) gives a such a vector : ( 1, nan, nan ).
    I implement in vector.d a "fix" for this, wondering if it can be put into the normal release since it does have the potential to break working code.
    Hello, I was trying the dagon tutorial, but I can't seem to get it to work. This is a fresh project with only the dagon dependency. I keep getting this and more similar messages: ..\..\AppData\Local\dub\packages\dlib-0.17.0\dlib\dlib\network\socket.d(587,30): Error: variable core.stdc.errno.ECONNABORTED at C:\D\dmd2\windows\bin\..\..\src\druntime\import\core\stdc\errno.d(223,10) conflicts with enum member core.sys.windows.winsock2.ECONNABORTED at C:\D\dmd2\windows\bin\..\..\src\druntime\import\core\sys\windows\winsock2.d(199,5)
    Timur Gafarov
    Thanks for pointing out, this bug was fixed in dlib 0.19.1. I'll make an update.