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Jan 2016
Jan 12 2016 14:58
jspm-hot-reloader also doesn't seem to be actively developed. @geelen, if I may ask, how do you use the jspm server for reloading on HTML file changes ?
Jiri Spac
Jan 12 2016 20:21
@Shrulik I assure you it is actively developed. It is renamed to but if you have any problems/feature requests add an issue-if it is worth fixing/implementing I will have a look and do it. CSS is not directly supported but some users were able to make it work.
Jan 12 2016 23:07
Great to know. I have tried running the angular 1 example and I get an error ( Error: Super expression must either be null or a function, not object
Error loading http://localhost:3000/jspm_packages/github/capaj/systemjs-hot-reloader@0.5.1.js ). This is after I ran a jspm update on systemhs-hor-reloader, but I had the same error before as well. Seems to be the same as this : capaj/systemjs-hot-reloader#42
Jan 12 2016 23:54
So I fixed this by switching 'class HotReloader extends Emitter' to 'class HotReloader extends Emitter.default' . I'm not sure if this is a good solution, I still need to read more about this whole ES6 modules thing. I really shouldn't be writing code at 2 am.