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and i have problem with coverage there is error 'TypeError: Cannot read property 'ignored' of null
at Object.exports.collectCoverage (<anonymous>:252:1465)
at prepareScreenshotUnsafe (<anonymous>:255:488)
coverage заработал только после того как убрал sourceRoot параметр в конфиге
кроме того при записи данных в файл, не умеет создавать иерархически подкаталоги, необходимо на случай если у вас иерархия итоговых css файлов
Hi, I am new to gemini and trying first step to gather baseline scripts
i am getting below error. Critical error:
Error: Cannot find files by mask test.js
version is v4.12.2
Hey! Has anybody here connected gemini with gitlab? I want to start tests autmatically as part of a build. Is that viable and/or a good idea?

' gulp.task('selenium', function (done) {
logger: function (message) { }
}, function(err){
if(err) return done(err);
selenium.start(function (err, child) {
if (err) return done(err);
selenium.child = child;

gulp.task('test:e2e', ['selenium'], () => {
return gulp.src('wdio.conf.js').pipe(webdriver());

gulp.task('test:e2e', ['selenium'], () => { return gulp.src('wdio.conf.js').pipe(webdriver()); }); });
gulp.task('test:e2e', ['selenium'], () => { return gulp.src('wdio.conf.js').pipe(webdriver()); }); });
  gulp.task('test:e2e', ['selenium'], () => {
    return gulp.src('wdio.conf.js').pipe(webdriver());
Всем привет! Ребята, подскажите, есть ли возможность грузить отчёт html куда-нибудь?
Tobias Pflug
not much going in here I guess
I am quite desperate to find a solution to gemini-testing/gemini#707
I cannot get rid of hover states being accidentally triggered
does anyone have any ideas?
Jean de Klerk
Hi @here. I'm trying to use chromedriver with gemini. However, I get [init({"browserName":"chrome"})] The environment you requested was unavailable... Any idea why that might be?
Hi, I have one clarification about microsoft edge browser
can anyone help me on this
Pierre Manceaux
Hey there
Hello! I need some help.
How can I make "console.log()" with
"actions.executeJS(function() {
It is possible to make alert, but alert ruins my tests. Currently I need to print some information to console.
Olmo Maldonado
do gemini.click follow the a[href]?
I'm just testing that I can capture the state after a user would have clicked on a standard <a href="/next">Link</a>
Olmo Maldonado
is there a way to capture immediately (not necessarily on load)
Olmo Maldonado
is there a reason why chrome's captures seem to be 2x the size of firefox'?
Olmo Maldonado
i've noticed that the ignoreElements just black out the elements.. doesn't actually ignore them in the diff: https://cdn.zapier.com/storage/photos/3d3d35e38fbfd24e3393fa0d86157bc6.png
Hello Guys, Is it possible to use gemini-testing with zalenium (it is grid server but improved) ?
Hi can anyone help me, I
am new to visual regression testing and trying to install gemini but im getting an error
Hi all, have anyone gemini docker image for gitlab runner?
hi anyone able to test on iframes?
Hi group
I am new in Gemini ..
can we have some best GITHUB sample for gemini
Yaroslav Glukhov
What version of node.js should I use?
Yaroslav Glukhov
Is anybody here?
Привет! подскажите, кто смог победить запуск тестов во всех браузрах? В докумнтации написано, что поддерживает многие(opera, ie, firefox) а на деле, кроме хрома ничего не работает!
@Ilyachigin www.browserstack.com
Ilya Smotrov
Hi guys, did someone manage running gemini across the last firefox versions well?
I am getting message: [get("")] ESOCKETTIMEDOUT error. while running tests. anyone can help me with this? how to solve or where to start looking

hi all.. is it required to "reset" setCaptureElements? because currently I have something like this


and for some reason, bother screenshots are of second element

actually this is expected behaviour gemini-testing/gemini#219
is it possible in suite to access browser? I'm trying to check if certain element exists?
Problem install gemini (ubuntu, nodejs 8.16.0) log: gyp ERR! stack Error: EACCES: permission denied, mkdir '/usr/lib/node_modules/gemini/node_modules/png-img/build'
How install gemini.js ???
Are you all here for the cryptocurrency?
or working for another things