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May 2016
John Mica
May 11 2016 08:29
Romanian done ;)
Mike Wink
May 11 2016 10:43
@MATsxm okay, thank you.
Mike Wink
May 11 2016 10:55
German is updated once more. :)
Marc-Antoine Thevenet
May 11 2016 12:07
@rhukster @NeonTigerWeb @flaviocopes
I guess I won't be the only one to ask for having on Crowdin a glossary/language.
Project owner, managers and proofreaders always can add and edit terms but I really do think you should try the "Allow translators to create glossary terms" feature that I work with on other projects and is a great help.
At least, give it a try; each project is different and if it doesn't work, you will revert it.
Gilles Le Pigocher
May 11 2016 13:32
Ageed with @MATsxm I lost a lot of time for something already decided by french participants a few month ago! :-(
In the en-us help resources (xxx_HELP), sometimes sentences have a final dot sometimes not. May be you should decide for a rule?
Andy Miller
May 11 2016 17:27
@MATsxm i've turned on that option for both projects
Marc-Antoine Thevenet
May 11 2016 18:03
Thanks a lot :+1:
Marc-Antoine Thevenet
May 11 2016 22:03
We need your help and point of view depending your languages.
In french, it seems that in the section: Configuration - HTTP Headers
the values:
-Last modified
-Vary accept encoding
(we are not talking about related tooltips that should be translated) should NOT be translated as HTTP Headers.
The better way, to avoid any confusion, would be to hide from t9n (only) those items on Crowdin.
Is it the same for your own languages?