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Jun 2016
Hung Tran
Jun 01 2016 03:42
I just joined Where do I start to translate Grav to Vietnamese?
Marc-Antoine Thevenet
Jun 01 2016 11:43
Bonjour @tranduyhung and welcome!
You have to wait a Project Manager with right permissions to open the Vietnamese language then you will be able to translate the strings.
Note that Vietnamese is already available on that is an official Grav plugin.
Have fun!
( @rhukster or others with permissions could you please open Vietnamese for the Core project - thanks)
Andy Miller
Jun 01 2016 15:29
@MATsxm done
@tranduyhung i've added vietnamese
Marc-Antoine Thevenet
Jun 01 2016 15:31
Thanks for @tranduyhung :+1: ;)