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Aug 2015
Aug 07 2015 08:51
Did you try: $winehouse_images->not($winehouse_logo);
Jimmy Rittenborg
Aug 07 2015 13:25

@isaactopo when i do that, I'm getting a Warning: Illegal offset type in unset in ..kirby/toolkit/lib/collection.php on line 157
Only thing that works reliably is

<?php foreach ( $winehouse_images->not( strtolower($winehouse_logo->filename()) ) as $image): ?>

But it seems to be a difference between servers, locally it works fine without strtolower but not on my remote server :/

Flo Kosiol
Aug 07 2015 15:14
This could be connected with different PHP versions. You could try to store the strtolower part in a variable at first and then use this inside the foreach. Maybe this works?!