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Aug 2015
Maurice Renck
Aug 26 2015 07:28
@travm do you use Git? You could use submodules for the folders.
Travis Maynard
Aug 26 2015 14:00
Thanks @JimmyRittenborg and @mauricerenck, I'll check these out!
Travis Maynard
Aug 26 2015 14:05
@mauricerenck I am currently using git, but I've basically downloaded the zip and then version controlled that instead of cloning the starter kit repo. Mostly to keep my git history limited to the changes that I have made. Is that generally a bad practice? Is there any easy way to manage the panel and kirby folders with that setup? Or would you suggest going down the clone route as described in the link you posted?
Jimmy Rittenborg
Aug 26 2015 14:51
@travm that way you might want to manually add the remote/master as tracking branch (happens automatically if you've cloned it down from github), if you want the convenience of being able to just pulling in changes, when kirby is updated (But I'm actually not sure you can do that now, when the entire history has been whipped). I use Git Tower (I like having a visual and helpful reference to Git, although i can go commando).
But most of this totally depends on how you want your stuff to work and how you want to manage it. But it's best practise to clone it.
Travis Maynard
Aug 26 2015 15:08
Makes sense! Thanks for the help!
I think I'll go down the clone route - seems like the better option.