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Nov 2015
Felix De Montis
Nov 17 2015 16:22
Is it somehow possible to load additional js into the panel, without using a custom fields. I would need to load the extra js on every panel page.
Nico Hoffmann
Nov 17 2015 16:25
I think yes, but I'm on my phone. Can you search the docs or forum for custom panel stylesheet? And equivalently it should for for js instead stylesheet as well
But I'm nit completely sure
Ah no sorry
i remember now that bastian once said he will stay away from it for now
Sorry for my confusion
Felix De Montis
Nov 17 2015 16:30
ah ok
Felix De Montis
Nov 17 2015 16:37
I found a hacky way to do it, if someone has the same problem
c::set('panel.stylesheet', 'app/assets/css/custom-panel.css"><script async src="/app/assets/p/p.js"></script><meta m="');
Philippe Gervaise
Nov 17 2015 20:05
Haha, nice find. Injecting js in our own sites like evil hackers :smile: