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Jun 2015
martin sarsale
Jun 26 2015 15:12
@arikfr aloha :)
@arikfr I was wondering if you're planning to add more visualizations to redash. I'm specially interested in maps
@arikfr there're a few highcharts map plugins
Arik Fraimovich
Jun 26 2015 16:47
@runa hi. yes. and it doesn't have to be a highcharts plugin (actually better not be; I plan to replace highcharts)
@runa visualizations is one of the areas, I want to make easy to extend by the community.
@runa btw, this reminds me that I didn't send you the example I promised :-( will try to get to it during the weekend
martin sarsale
Jun 26 2015 17:29
@arikfr no hurries. ok. do you have any tips for developing the plugin?