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Sep 2015
Sep 03 2015 11:45
Right now, only for testing purposes
I work for a major media company in France
We have a lot of databases, based on different engines (Postgre, Redshift, MySQL, InfluxDB, Mongo, ElasticSearch, etc...)
We are working on our CRM and big data plateform, designed and developed by my team
Today, we have to create two major things : dashboards (used to create reports or view real data flows) and data mining tools
Sep 03 2015 11:50
As data mining tools, we already have tried Qlikview. It's fast, but it's a lit bit old school (need software to create new dashboard, must only use its own database tools (.qvd), etc...)
We have a lot of data stored, and we want to allow other employees/managers to query these data and explore them without the need to know SQL
Qlikview knows the database schema (tables and relations between them). Users can select some fields, select a vizualisation tools (like your widgets) and Qlikview can retrieves all related data automatically (creating joins, filters and group by)
Sep 03 2015 11:56
If wanted data is complex to retrieve with this mode, you can write your own query/aggregate logic (in "Qlikview" syntax)
Re:dash can already create static query, but not the other part of data mining by the end-user
Arik Fraimovich
Sep 03 2015 14:06
I see. To be honest, I'm not much familiar w/ Qlikview. But re:dash have some more "dynamic" options. While it's not allowing users to create their own queries, it does give people who can write queries create more dynamic results, that the end users can play with.