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Oct 2015
Oct 09 2015 13:08
what's the easiest method of mucking with the re:dash users? I went to change the Admin password from the default and now I'm unable to login via the old or the new (also asking for an email address that I don't recall setting up.) Can I manually edit the database to reset the user perhaps?
Arik Fraimovich
Oct 09 2015 13:09
@gallamine you can it reset it with the cli.

rom your re:dash folder (/opt/redash/current if you used the bootstrap script):
bin/run ./ grant_admin {email}

To grant admin privileges to a new user.

To change admin password:
bin/run ./ password admin new_password

Also if you used the bootstrap script you might need to prefix the commands with "sudo -u redash", i.e.: "sudo -u redash bin/run ./ ...".

Oct 09 2015 13:17
thanks sir. working on that now