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Nov 2015
Nov 01 2015 00:30
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@arikfr How do I modify supervisord `command=sudo -u redash /opt/redash/current/bin/run celery worker --app=redash.worker --beat -c2 -Qqueries,celery┬┤

@Sigma-anthony if you used the one from docker hub, it doesn't even read the .env file. if you built your own, you will need to edit the supervisord config not to use bin/run so it won't read the .env file (as it will override the env variables).

Nov 01 2015 10:33
is their anyway to tell redash to access postgres on a different port?
Nov 01 2015 11:37
something like this postgres://node-33554.provider.ik/redash:5434
Arik Fraimovich
Nov 01 2015 18:03
@Sigma-anthony you need to add the port after the host name.