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Nov 2015
Alex DeBrie
Nov 17 2015 22:33
Hey @arikfr, we're having some issues with this part of redash. Specifically, we have log messages that start with timestamps and so are being displayed as timestamps.
I'm happy to help refactor that part out, in accordance with the TODO but might need a little guidance. Do you know where that is necessary for backward compatibility?
Scott Krager
Nov 17 2015 23:13
Redash is seriously awesome. I've been trying to get the alerts feature running for awhile now, and feel close, but not quite there. I can create alerts, and alerts can get triggered, but alerts don't seem to have any Subscribers. I've tested my mail settings and that all checks out. Any ideas on how to check on Subscribers to Alerts? Running version 0.8.1+b1110