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Nov 2015
Scott Krager
Nov 19 2015 01:39
Thanks @alonho for all your help, I was able to get Alerts (mostly) working! My only question now is figuring out when the alert email is actually triggered because I will get the first email alert for a triggered alert, but if I refresh the query that triggers the alert, I don't get another email alert. Perhaps something is cached?
Arik Fraimovich
Nov 19 2015 04:18
@scottkrager currently you get an email whenever the alert changes state (goes from ok to triggered and vice versa)
@scottkrager but there is a pull request to allow setting a time after which it will send the email again.
BTW do you remember if the first time you ran the upgrade it asked you if to run migrations?
Scott Krager
Nov 19 2015 05:15
@arikfr thanks, that makes sense. I do remember saying "Y" to run the migrations when I first ran the upgrade. To get it working I ended up removing the 'alerts' table and then running the migrations 10
Adam Kariv
Nov 19 2015 10:53
@arikfr enjoy :) getredash/redash#664
martin sarsale
Nov 19 2015 17:51
does anyone knows if it's possible to execute a query before the real query so I can setup some stuff? ie, create temporary tables, set the time zone; before doing the actual query that will bring the data
João Fraga
Nov 19 2015 17:57
Hello guys, any clue in how to clean the redash queue? :pray:
Arik Fraimovich
Nov 19 2015 18:47
@akariv thanks. Do you have it deployed somewhere?
@runa you can. They all get executed in the same session.
Let me know if it didn't help.
Adam Kariv
Nov 19 2015 18:52
@arikfr yes, at
as long as you're here - is there an option to disable the 'everyone can edit all queries' behaviour?
Nov 19 2015 19:07
Hi there! is there a way to replicate easily the queries and their charts through schemas of the same DB? a fork of the query copies the code but not the charts
Arik Fraimovich
Nov 19 2015 20:28
@akariv yes. I don't remember the setting name , but check
@tatopane no such option at the moment.. You can do it yourself, with the Api.